Covid-19 Pandemic has shaken the businesses and impacted economics adversely. The businesses are concerned about customer loyalty as this uncertainty and supply chain disruption are testing customers’ trust that they have on the brands and businesses.

The lockdown has made it more challenging to retain customers and maintain long-term customer loyalty. Now customers are only purchasing essentials, but as a business, you should not give up, but fight this low purchasing power situation with good marketing promotion Strategies and use it for retaining customers and maintaining customer loyalty.

We need to understand that every situation comes with an opportunity. Here are some strategy suggestions that will help you to maintain customer loyalty during this pandemic:

Maintain Your Brand Value

Don’t let this uncertainty shake your brand value. Whenever you get a chance to interact with your customers, use it to demonstrate what your brand is all about. Customers pay great attention to how different organizations are responding to this situation and how they are dealing with people. The brands who will understand customers, treat them with empathy, and respond to their queries will gain their trust. This will help brands in the long run.

For Example, if a customer is planning to travel by airplane, it is a duty of airlines to answer their questions about the sanitization guidelines they are following for customers’ safety and also a great way to maintain the brand value.

Stay In Touch With Your Customers

Yes, you read it right! Even if they are buying less, you need to stay in touch with your customers and show them that you appreciate them and want to serve best to them whenever you will get a chance. You may be having direct customers or customers who are having retails and selling your product to other customers. Hence, communicate your appreciation and care to them and make this relationship stronger.

Your Employees Are Your Backbone

Your employees are the one who deals with your customers directly. Hence, it becomes important for you to communicate with them and make them understand how to deal with the customers. You can conduct online short training for them. Train them that they have to assure customers about good service and also discuss the problems they are facing and provide an effective solution for the same.

If you will ignore the problems they are facing with customers, indirectly, you will be ignoring your customers and this should not be the plan. In case, you have a business where your employees have to deal with customers in-person, you need to make your employee understand the operational process and safety guidelines, so that virus transmission can be reduced. You can ask your employees to share their ideas for marketing promotion Strategies as well.

Develop New Operational Strategy

For businesses such as online marketing companies, education institutes, etc., they can develop a new way of working. Remote team, online classes are an example of it. For this, you can train your employees and start your work remotely.

But, in case of businesses where an in-person meeting is unavoidable such as airlines, restaurants, beauty salons, hotels, etc., remote work cannot be done. Here it becomes important for you to educate your employees about the safety guidelines so that you can mitigate the risk of virus transmission.

Take an example of the Urbanclap company. They offer a variety of home services from beauty to plumbing and cleaning to pest control. Home service means a person will visit the customer’s home and will give the service. In this pandemic situation when everyone is afraid of getting coronavirus infection and maintaining social distancing, customers are avoiding their services.

To solve this problem, they started a new ad campaign where they are informing the customers about their new operation policy. According to that, all their technicians will strictly follow the safety guidelines and they will be wearing a protective bodysuit, gloves, facial shield, mask, and will also sanitize the equipment and tools for providing safe services. In addition to this, they are also offering coupons and discounts to attract customers.

Team Up With Your Partners And Competitors

There is a famous quote by Henry Ford, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself “. Now it is the time to work like this only. Only togetherness and teamwork can save you from this crisis. Team up with your partners and in the worst case with your competitors to use the available resources intelligently.

For example, You can take the help of your competitors when you run out of your inventory and maintain the trust your customers have on you. Help them as well when they need your support.

Prioritize Your Customers With Loyalty And Profitability

You can classify your customers with profit mapping and loyalty. There are three categories of customers:

  • High-profit customers
  • Profit Draining customers
  • No profit customers.

Customers who are loyal to you and bring profit to your business with their high purchasing power should be given priority. But it doesn’t mean to avoid the other two categories. You can create different offers for them according to the profitability and loyalty they offer.

Review Your Marketing Plans And Digital Channels

Start reviewing your brand strategy, marketing, and advertising plans. You don’t need to promote the services which are banned in this lockdown or products that are scarce and unavailable. It will just waste your money. Delay your marketing plans if needed. Review your marketing cost and revise your plans according to the present requirement.

Along with this, you should also update your digital channels according to the availability of products and services. If you are increasing the price of your products and services online, explain the reason. Likewise, make whatever changes you need to do on your digital channels to make it relevant to customers.

Take Advantage Of New Technologies

Use the latest technology such as Augmented reality for keeping your customers safe during this pandemic. For example, Google recently launched Google meet which is quite useful for teachers to offer online classes to their students. Similarly, recent innovations such as facial recognition, natural language processing, chat-bots, etc. are helpful. If you are not aware of the latest technologies that can help your business, you can hire one of the top consulting companies that deal with it and help businesses. They will guide you to this new path of change.


A business that works for improving the lives of people always has a better chance to survive and grow. So, It is important for you to offer improved and innovative products and services that can help you and your customers to come out of this crisis successfully. Make your brand strategy as the present and future needs of your customers. This will help you make good brand value among your customers and you will be gifted of their loyalty and trust!
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