A lot of entrepreneurs don’t believe that their startup needs a website or they don’t budget for a website to save on costs and rely hugely on conventional marketing to get the word out about their brand. Some entrepreneurs assume that since they don’t spend much time on the internet, their customers won’t either. At other times, they just leave it for ‘later’ if and when the business grows to a stage where they think they will need a website. But here are seven reasons why one of the first things your startup absolutely MUST HAVE is a website:

1. Your Customer Will Take Your Business Seriously

Most people look for products and services that they need on the internet today and if you don’t have a website, you’re losing these people to your competitors who do. If you do have a website that is not professionally made and doesn’t highlight your services and offerings in a professional way, chances are you’ll lose the attention of your customers even if they do land on your website.

2. You Will End Up Saving Money With A Website

You may assume that you can’t afford to have a professionally created website, but the truth is that you can’t afford to NOT have one. The one-time cost of getting a website designed and developed is nothing compared to the ongoing costs of marketing your products and services through other means. While you may think you have saved money by opting to not have a website, you will be surprised how much you will save in the long run by having one up right at the beginning.

3. Your Website Will Be Your Online Hub

What if we told you that you could have an online hub that would always have updated information about your products and services and that your customers can access this information all day, every day? Your website will be this online hub for you! It will be like a brochure that people can look at on their mobile phones and computers and access information at a click easily and quickly.

4. You Can Target More People

Your website will increase and widen your reach in terms of potential customers enormously. If you opt for an e-commerce website, you can sell your products and services to customers online and immediately cut down the costs of setting up a physical location to sell. This widens your reach and will help you grow as a business much more than you would conventionally.

5. Your Website Is Your Online Showroom or Gallery

Your website is a platform where you can display your work through means of a portfolio, product gallery, image gallery and client testimonials. You can display your client logos and client work too. All these elements increase the trust and dependability of your brand and enables customers to opt for your brand quicker when they come to your site.

6. Your Customer Service Will Become Professional

Your customers always need more than just a good product or a service. They are looking for tips, hacks, information, knowledge in the subject area and even for someone to connect with within your organisation. Your website can help host of all this at one place with so much ease. By having a blog, an FAQ page, a contact page and perhaps an online chat bot; your customer service immediately becomes so much more professional.

7. You Save Time Because of Your Website

Being in touch with your customers, building a database of potential customers, initiating marketing efforts and sharing information with people about your brand TAKES A LOT OF TIME! You will exhaust yourself and burn out if you try all of this manually AND it might even not be effective. Having a website will solve so many of these problems and make it so easy for you to focus on other areas of your business. Your time is money and saving time is definitely saving money..

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