The Pandemic has adversely hit the economy all over the world and put businesses to a halt and pushed people inside the four walls. This forced people to think about their lifestyle and eating habits. You must be aware of the fact that only the people who have some kind of health issues such as BP, Diabetics which are quite common these days, are more prone to coronavirus casualty. So, people are becoming more health-conscious.

The mindless snacking has become mindful and healthy snacking now. According to a market trend study, the healthy snack market can rise from USD 78.12 billion to USD 108.11 by 2027. According to another Snacking trend study 2019 by Mondelez International, 59% of adults in the US now prefer eating several smaller meals over larger meals, and this percentage increased to 70% in millennials.

Now businesses have a big segment of the target audience who are health conscious and want healthy alternatives to present snacks. If we talk about product segmentation, Nut based snacks having high protein and snacks having high antioxidants and fibers hold the maximum share in the healthy snack market.

If you already have a snack business or are planning to invest in this industry after the pandemic, healthy snacking is the way to go!

Here are some of the business marketing strategies to tap this audience. You need to understand what fits other businesses, may not fit your business. Whenever you plan any market/sale strategy, do thorough research beforehand.

Brand Positioning For Beginners Is Must

What exactly are you going to offer the customers? You need to identify yourself with your target audience. Though healthy snacks are emerging, you still need to make your brand unique from your competitors to attract the customers. So, find answers for these three questions before you start planning any business marketing strategies.

  • Who you are as a brand? What are you going to sell?
  • Who will be your customers? Why do they need you?
  • How You are unique?

Thoughtful Packaging

This is one of the most important parts of any marketing strategy – Packaging of the product. The packaging is not just about wrapping a product in plastic or paper, it has many other aspects. Your products should look attractive, represent your brand and at the same time, it should be useful for keeping your product safe. Environment-friendly packaging is a new trend that you try as well.

Offer smaller packages or portions of snacks to your customers. It is useful in two ways. Firstly, if your product is new, the customer will be ready to try it easily when you offer a smaller package or portion as it will cost less. Secondly, less wastage of food.

Find The Right Marketing And Selling Channels

Digital marketing such as social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, etc. is now an integral part of marketing promotion strategies. We are already aware of the reach of the internet. By using these platforms, you can educate your target audience about healthy snacking and can also promote your products easily. Find the right digital channel as per the target audience to market your brand.

When we talk about selling channels, you need to understand customer buying behavior in your area. Are they buying more through online channels such as e-commerce websites or directly? You can increase your sales by being at the right place at the right time.

Keep It Organic And Natural

As per one market research, the demand for organic foods is growing in Asia-Pacific especially in the two most populated countries like India and China. It is anticipated that the global organic snack market can reach up to $ 24,035 million in the coming five years. Non-GMO, organic, natural are all in trend. So, you can offer organic snack options to your customers to attract them.

Partner with popular brands

You can partner with a popular brand in your region or country to reach your customers easily. You can partner with health drinks or restaurants that have a similar target audience. Make an advertising marketing strategy with them where you can promote your product next to their product. The affiliation by popular brands helps your brand gain acceptance in the market. If not a food or drink brand, you can partner with celebrities who are health conscious, and people follow them for their fitness.

Offer Discounts or gifts

Who doesn’t like discounts? Offer introductory discounts or festive discounts to attract your customers. Spend the discount news on social media and other online channels. If not discounts, you can give small gifts to your customers with every purchase. Gifts and discounts are good encouragement for the customers to visit your shop.

Host Events or participate in food/snack festivals

Depending on your target audience, you can host foot events. If you are targeting college students, you can hold events at college, universities, sports clubs, etc. Choose the right place for your event to target the right people at the right time. You can gift your product or showcase it during this event. Events are the best way of creating brand awareness among the customers. Make marketing promotion strategies for your event, offer free entry, conduct it during a holiday so that maximum people can visit you. If you don’t want to hold a special event for your product, you can take part in food festival events.

The pandemic has redefined the snacking market completely. According to experts, the snack industry will see a rise after the pandemic, but a healthy snack will be in focus. Not just this, there are chances that the traditional impulsive purchase will decrease and people will prefer more of online buying. It will be wise to get associated with e-commerce websites or online directories such as Zomato, food panda, etc. to sell your product easily.

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