As per, Google, the leading search engine processes around 70,000 queries per second (2019 report). This makes Google search engine a perfect place to find your potential customers. If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, then by ignoring SEO, you can lose a great number of your potential customers. The best thing about SEO strategy is that it is completely free and by using the right SEO strategies and keywords, you can tap these potential customers.

So here we are sharing six reasons why you should give equal importance to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies when planning your business marketing strategy

Boosts Traffic and Conversions

Search Engine Optimization helps you increase your site’s visibility on a search engine. It helps you to get a top rank as per your target keyword. This further helps you to reach your target audience. As per experts, the first page of the search engine results drives 95% of web traffic. This means to increase your online visibility and get a good result, your target should be the first page. SEO is an organic reach and much more effective than social media advertising campaigns and other marketing strategies. SEO-based traffic yields better conversion than Social media and Google ads in the long run. Organic traffic has been proven to convert 400% better than any inorganic online marketing strategy excluding email marketing services.

Helps You to Understand Customer behavior

It is a must for you to know your customer behavior to make informed business decisions. Search Engine Optimization helps to collect useful data related to your customers using tools like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc which are free. When you know what your customers want, then it becomes easy to convert them. For small businesses and startups, this information is very critical. They can apply this information to other business strategies as well.

Better User Experience

User Experience, popularly known as UX, plays a major role in your performances and ranking status in search engine results. Customers know what they want. If they can easily navigate through your web pages and get what they are looking for, it is a good user experience. But if your website’s design is complex, and customers leave in between, then through the bounce rate, you can get the idea that you need to do something about it. Always remember Customers like to visit websites that are easy to understand, navigate, and provide useful products, services, and valuable and engaging content. If you have a high bouncing rate then it can affect your search engine ranking as well.

Brand Awareness and Audience Trust

SEO helps to create better brand awareness among your target audience by increasing your visibility. When your website’s name flashes on the first page, you get better recognition. Paid marketing can also help you reach your audience and create brand awareness but that will be short-lived. The other downside of paid marketing is that with paid marketing you cannot gain your audience trust. When it comes to SEO, it is organic. Hence, it helps you to gain your customers’ trust instantly. A brand becomes a true brand when people have trust in it.

It is Free!

SEO is completely free. You just need to have a better understanding of how it works and how you can use different strategies to rank higher. Google offers free tools like Google Analytics and Google Search Console that helps you to track all information related to users such as demographic details, geographical details, bounce back time, the time they spend on your platform, etc. You can use these details to make your strategies better by finding the broken links.

Gives Better ROI

If we compare SEO with PPC or other digital marketing techniques, it gives the best ROI. Because SEO is free, the investment you make is the time if you are handling it yourself. In 3-6 months, with the right search engine optimization strategies and good content quality, you can get a good rank for your opted keywords. Even if you hire digital marketing services for your business, it will cost you much less than the results/revenue that you will get out of it.

SEO can significantly improve your website’s visibility in various search engines. As a startup or a small business, time is the most crucial thing you have which is necessary for the growth of your business. It is a must for you to have a good understanding of the algorithms of these search engines when making an SEO strategy. If you find it difficult, then you should not refrain from hiring digital marketing services.

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